Performance management that really works!

Successful managers are people-leaders who coach and motivate employees to grow and who nurture trust and cohesion in their teams. People-managers focus on output by motivating employees and giving them responsibility as they realise their concrete goals and projects. Spiegelapp helps you get the best out of your team.


Everyone has a secure, personal dashboard where they can request feedback from anyone in and beyond your business/organisation in various ways. As a manager, you also have a mangement dashboard where all anonymous data is presented clearly and can be used for team analyses, internal training programmes, and to develop a strategic training policy. Spiegelapp supports interventions and helps to motivate the team. The versatility of feedback and feedforward promotes high-quality discussions. Spiegelapp also helps improve and streamline communication.

Spiegelapp helps management save time and money.

Improve your performance and your team’s performance with Spiegelapp. Spiegelapp is fully-tailored and customised for every business or organisation. It makes it possible to grasp and discuss talent with your employees, while daily activities and goals  promote the continuous development of successful behaviour. Employees themselves can decide who they want to share their data with. This guarantees a safe and secure learning environment.

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Committed and motivated employees are happier and more effective at work.

The talent war

The labour market is under high pressure. The number of open vacancies is rising and labour mobility is high. Employers are also experiencing difficulty finding and retaining suitable employees. This means that for many organisations, it is very important to manage and develop the capacity and potential of their current employees in the most effective way possible. All this demands a clear and concrete approach, which Spiegelapp supports.

Our mission is to help you make the most of your talent. Once your organisation’s goals for the coming year are clear, managers’ and employees’ expectations can be carefully co-ordinated together. Identifying and discussing talent helps increase employee commitment. Spiegelapp makes this possible in an easy-to-understand way.  Spiegelapp also helps you analyse your employees’ qualities and talents, which allows you to give them work they enjoy and that they are good at.

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“Greater impact with HR Tech and HR Data – Greater motivation and commitment”


What you miss out on if you don’t use HR Tech Spiegelapp solutions:

HR technology with a positive impact on your organisation
Real-time overview of employee talent
Real-time overview of team potential
Strategic HR development
Cost savings through individual and team development
Sector-specific profiles with competences and behaviour
Transforming talent into the competences needed for a resilient organisation
Time savings thanks to digital meeting cycle
Reduced absence through illness


Spiegelapp results


Improved work environment
Higher employee satisfaction
Better teamwork
More productivity
Greater profitability


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Why use Spiegelapp?

Promotes ownership and control
Personal leadership
Feedback culture
Attractive employer
Working together to achieve organisational goals
Data and digitalisation of HR
Working together to achieve goals
Cost savings
Remote performance management
Long-term employability


About us

We are a Dutch company that has been active for more than 25 years. Through the years, we have helped many organisations professionalise and develop their employees’ talents. We have always specialised in development.  

In 2018, we started developing Spiegelapp because one of our clients wanted to gain a clearer picture of the qualities of a team of project and programme managers. Because we coach and develop people to make the most of their strengths, we believe that people themselves should be given ownership and control. This is why we developed a web application based on our vision and core values.

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Krista Beilschmidt

Spiegelapp activates and inspires your employees

Saves time and cuts costs

Evaluates in real time

Accelerates development

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What our clients say

“We use the Spiegelapp to request feedback on the specific competences in our job profiles. The answers help me understand myself better and motivate me. They also help me understand the feedback, opinions, approaches and mindsets of my colleagues. It has a really positive effect.”

“The interactive Spiegelapp supports our leadership programme. Receiving and giving feedback was really insightful, because the trainer gave us live, online assignments in the Spiegelapp.”

Give growth the attention it deserves

Better meetings with more impact!
Anyone can request feedback with the Spiegelapp.
Development meetings are focused and have a greater impact.

Who we work for

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