About us

About us

We are a Dutch company that has been active for more than 25 years. Through the years, we have helped many organisations professionalise and develop the talents of their people. We have always specialised in the development of people and organisations.

In 2018, we began developing the Spiegelapp because one of our clients wanted to gain a clearer picture of the qualities of a team of project and programme managers. Because we aim to coach and develop people to make the most of their strengths, and because we believe that people themselves should have ownership and control, we developed a web application based on our vision and core values.

Henk Hauptmeijer & Krista Beilschmidt

Through the years, we have continually developed the Spiegelapp based on the needs, feedback and expectations of users, combined with our decades of experience of helping people and organisations to develop.

Alongside ease of use and a user-friendly learning environment, we have invested heavily in the security of (personal) data. We believe that you will develop most effectively in an environment where security and treating one another with respect are always on the agenda. Security and protecting personal data are an essential part of this.

The Spiegelapp is an innovative Dutch product, which was developed and built in the Netherlands. Your data is stored by a certified company in a highly secure environment in the Netherlands. We commissioned KPMG to carefully test our interactive 360 degree learning and development platform and only work with clients who also understand the importance of data security.

Spiegelapp is powered by Hauptmeijer en Clotscher


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Our Mission

To help people help themselves and to realise a better world in which we are connected to one another. We believe that everyone should be able to develop and we help you get the best out of yourself.


Our Core Values

Reliability, integrity, security





Customer focus





Everyone had talent


We expect the demand for qualified personnel to continue increasing in the coming years. The number of jobseekers has never been so low. To keep innovating and growing, it is vital for organisations to find suitable and motivated employees.

One way of recruiting and retaining people in this tight labour market is to devote greater personal attention to this group. This means paying attention to developing their skills and opportunities for growth, as well as their work/life balance. The tight labour market means more and more employers find it important that their employees are happy and productive, and that they are paying increasing attention to their welfare and personal development to recruit them and keep them on board. It is also important to look beyond qualifications and to also consider experience, skills, interests, their motivations for choosing an organisation or diversity within the corporate culture.

The Spiegelapp supports this and helps employers and employees develop a meeting cycle based around talent and dialogue.



Feedforward benefits everyone.
Working together and realising common goals motivates.


Working at Spiegelapp


We select professionals and help them perform at the highest level. Do you have a development-oriented attitude and a background in business studies, HR or psychology? Can you add value to strategic organisational issues and transition processes? Are you motivated to use your expertise and experience to facilitate the development of people and organisations, and do you like the idea of working in a small team of HR Tech professionals?


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