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Spiegelapp, the management dashboard, and the HR dashboard are supplied with all the required content. This avoids the need for a long and complex implementation process. Thanks to the practical experience we have accumulated with organisational and cultural change in various sectors during the past 25 years, we can add value for every company or organisation.

We have developed specific competence management profiles for various sectors and development tips that employees and managers can relate to.

Spiegelapp is suitable for all organisations, from small companies to corporations with thousands of employees, from educational institutions to accountancy firms, consultancy agencies, construction companies, and healthcare institutions.

Spiegelapp is suitable for all company sizes and every sector. As your organisation grows, Spiegelapp and your talent grow with it.

Thanks to our experience and practical approach, we can keep the costs of implementation low and quickly complete the implementation process. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Spiegelapp is an SaaS solution and is fast, stable, and always up-to-date. We continually invest in the ongoing development of Spiegelapp. We do so for you, and preferably with you.

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Certification and security are our top priorities

Securing (personal) data is very important to us. Our cloud platform complies with all security certificates and the platform has been tested with attack and penetration tests. The data centre is located in The Netherlands and is governed by Dutch regulations. You can read more information about this on the security page on our website.


By digitalising HR processes with Spiegelapp, your HR department can spend less time on administration. HR advisers can also easily analyse important HR information using Spiegelapp HR dashboard. This allows HR to anticipate future developments more easily and gather more strategic information about performance management, training programmes, workshops and demand for training courses, talent management, HR policy, and strategic training policy.


Managers have access to real-time information about their teams in the management dashboard. They can see all information about development goals or project goals and various open-question types in their teams, provided that the team is sufficiently large to guarantee the anonymity of employees’ personal data. Managers can also see scores for competences and Spiegelapp usage, as well as information about the most requested competences and new personal competences. Team interventions can be planned more effectively and efficiently using real-time data in Spiegelapp.


The management dashboard is a standard part of the Spiegelapp experience and is ready for use immediately.

The Spiegelapp meeting cycle, which is based on questions from feedback and feedforward and seeing yourself in the “mirror”, helps you understand how others assess your performance and competences.

This puts employees and their managers in a better position to take part in effective, development-oriented meetings with a clear focus on goals and results. Performance management meetings take up less of managers’ time, because employees are in control and can easily ask anyone for feedback using Spiegelapp, even people who don’t have Spiegelapp!

Employees are in control

Spiegelapp brings employees and their managers closer together. This increases employee commitment. The feedback, feedforward, tips, and answers begin at the source: the employee. Employees can use  Spiegelapp on their mobile phone, tablet, or PC. With Spiegelapp, employees can view their performance and achieved goals at any time and can develop “on the job” using feedforward and feedback.


Spiegelapp is very secure. Spiegelapp users manage all their data themselves and can also decide who they wish to share their data with.

This makes Spiegelapp a secure environment for personal development.

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