Spiegelapp features

Suitable for small, medium-sized and large companies. The costs depend on the number of users and contract period.

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Meeting cycle

The ability to plan meetings and receive reminders.

Logo + Corporate Identitiy

- White label
- Logo and colours
- Multilingual

Goals module

- Creating goals with required competences and timetable
- SMART questions for personal and functional goals
- HR/management documents: team goals, vision and mission
- Other documents (career paths)
- Upload portfolio, degrees, certificates
- Ask for tips for your inspiration goals
- Performance management - Start, Develop, Evaluation forms
- E-signature 


Feedback module

- Competence management with standard competence box
- Tailor-made organisational competences
- Benchmark score for comparable roles in dashboard
- Benchmark score for comparable competences in dashboard
- Benchmark use of feedback by colleagues
- Spiegelapp with competence box with real-time development tips for each competence
- Spiegelapp with recognisable behavioural indicators for each organisation
- Create and add competences and behavioural indicators to your personal profile
- Send unlimited open questions to anyone (360 degree or 180 degree)
- Set reminders for yourself
- Set reminders to be sent by e-mail or SMS
- Send feedback or feedforward in an e-mail with a link
- Give and receive unsolicited feedback and compliments
- Personal feedback link (for WhatsApp or e-mail signature)
- Easily select and send open feedforward questions
- Box with extensive development tips for each competence
- Send a video message (feedforward)
- Set feedback to be anonymous or non-anonymous
- Set feedback for each target group: self, colleague, manager, external
- Explanation of feedback for each competence
- Ability to delete feedback yourself
- Instruction videos about how to use all Spiegelapp features

Spiegelapp reflection report

- Generate real-time reflection report (PDF)
- Summary of explanations from feedback givers
- Ability to set reflection report generation period yourself
- Easily compile sections and content of reflection report
- Personal development form for self-reflection (personal development plan)
- Summary of current scores and overall summary of scores for requested period
- Reflection reports with logo and colours of organisation
- Summary of feedback givers
- Ability to delete feedback yourself in your Spiegelapp
- Can generate multiple languages in real time: German, English, Dutch

Personal Spiegelapp dashboard

- Dashboard with scores and results
- Benchmark other users
- Summary of received and open feedback
- Easily set reminders in the dashboard
- Summary of all feedback
- Summary of compliments
- Give your team or colleague a compliment
- Ability to set when you receive reminders yourself

Management dashboard and HR dashboard

- Set an organisational message for each target group
- History and statistics
- Goals module and feedback module, development tips, chat and reflection reports
- Visits and usage of users (anonymous)
- Average scores for each competence (anonymous)
- Average scores for each department or team
- Average scores for each position
- Which competences are requested most often
- Summary of new competences
- Types of open questions
- Use of development tips
- Use of video/film recording
- Multilingual
- Easily generate reports for management or HR yourself for presentations
- Management dashboard with logo and colours of organisation

Reporting Management dashboard and HR dashboard

- Management reports with logo and colours of organisation
- Set reporting period and generate reports in real time
- Generate and download (PDF) management and HR reports yourself
- Multilingual: German, English, Dutch


- Chat individually in a secure environment
- Group chat with a team in a secure environment

Security and Compliance

- Single Sign On (SSO)
- Active Directory link
- Various API options
- Additional security measures
- Two-factor Authentication
- SMS security
- Various security options are standardised

Ease of use

- User friendly visual design
- Spiegelapp for all devices: mobile phone, tablet, PC
- Encouraging, active language
- Can rapidly be adapted for performance management and organisational competences
- Switch between different languages in real time
- Star score for yourself for each competence
- Five-point scale
- Personal development plan in personal reflection report 


- Support team - contactable by phone or e-mail
- HR work portal advice
- Implementation and communication plan
- Knowledge newsletters
- Personal e-mail about new features
- Evaluate with users
- Support and feedback portal in the Spiegelapp


- Start – Kick Off workshop
- Development tips
- HR, Spiegelapp and feedback webinars
- Team meetings with feedback
- Evaluation sessions with users
- Evaluation sessions with HR and/or management
- Competence profiles and career paths

Training and Coaching

- Leadership and feedforward training
- Inspiring goals training
- Spiegelapp and data and dashboard
- Goals meeting training
- Development meeting training
- Evaluation meeting training
- New style performance management with feedback training
- Spiegelapp talent and development report (baseline measurement)
- Career coaching
- Executive coaching

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